"Equipping men for the journey"

Ministry Contact: Scott Heaton

Cell: 805-320-2474


Ministry purpose

1. Develop righteous men

2. Serve men right where they are

3. Provide mentoring/teaching opportunities

4. Provide and maintain a supportive church environment

5. Serve our church and community

6. Grow the church

1.   Develop Righteous Men: in all 5 Realms: Personal, Marriage, Family, Career, Community

2.  Serve Men right where they are: JourneyMen is for Wordly men, Hurting men, ‘One Footers’, Baby Christians, Younger/Older & Rooted Christians and Servant Leaders

3.  Provide mentoring/teaching opportunities: promotes spiritual growth, builds relationships and develops Christian men leaders

4.  Provide and maintain a supportive church environment: Men who support and influence the entire church family

5.  Serve our church & community: Be a blessing to Camarillo/Ventura County. Provide a series of events that promote fellowship, outreach and evangelism. 

6.  Grow the church

What Journeymen want:

A closer walk with God

To have some fun and grow our relationships with each other

Monthly Saturday morning meetings & regular events that strengthen relationships

outside of church.

A wide variety of Christian based self-improvement classes that help us become better

JourneyMen (examples; marriage, work/home balance and sin & strongholds) 

and FOOD!

Where do i go from here?

Focus on getting to know fellow JourneyMen;


By attending monthly meetings:

2nd Saturday of each month; 8-9:30am. Locations to be announced. Save the dates on your calendars.

By participating in ‘Purpose’ events

(we will announce these events)

By staying in touch with each other:

Email blasts, Sunday bulletins, JourneyMen page on church Website, texts, phone calls, bible studies, accountability groups, etc.

Scott Heaton: cell: 805-320-2474 email:

We want your feedback, support, and friends!

Send Scott Heaton your name, email and cell phone info for our JourneyMen contact list.

Fill out a JourneyMen survey. Contact Scott Heaton.

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