Sunday services will be online only at 9am and 11am beginning this Sunday (3/15/20).

Wednesday night service will be online only at 7pm.

You can watch online on our livestream page or on our Facebook.

See below for more information.

A message from journey the church


Dear CHurch,

There’s a word that Jesus spoke to a man whose world was crumbling. Fear had overtaken him, his faith was on the brink, and hopelessness had begun to suffocate. The circumstances were far beyond his own ability or control. His name was Jairus and his daughter was dead.
But Jesus said to him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

As you know, we’re in a situation that none of us have been in before, and things are changing by the minute it seems. Fear might be overtaking, faith may be on the brink, perhaps hopelessness is taking our breath away.
But Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

The COVID-19 is impacting our world and community in a tremendous way. It’s alarming and panic-inducing. We’ve seen some organizations close. Others stay open. And both are options. As a church, we believe that ultimately, this a moment for us to “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” 

HERE's what this mean for journey the church

We will be holding services online only at 9am + 11am starting this Sunday (3/15) until further notice.

Tune into our service livestream at or at
Journey The Church Facebook to worship with us.
  This means we will not be meeting in person at the Camarillo Community Center to minimize COVID-
  19 concerns. It hurts our hearts more than anything not to be all together, but “loving the world one
  person at a time” means each person and their health is our highest priority.

Our Wednesday night midweek service will also be held online only at 7pm on Wednesday night and
  will feature some new exciting and innovative ways of worshiping and being in community.
  Connecting digitally might be different, but there are also some great opportunities at hand.

For those with children and junior high students : Journey’s Children’s Ministry Director Ashley Kiele
  has provided some helpful links of lesson videos
and tips on talking to your kids/youth about fear and 
  anxiety. S
ee the "For Journey Kidz and Arise" section below for links and details 

You can also join the Journey Kidz Facebook page for updates.

Many of you worship through giving to God. This is a time when we as a church refuse to be afraid
  and will just believe because our God is good and Journey is a church of great generosity and
  faithfulness. Y
ou can either give online (through the website, by the app, or even text to give
nstructions can be found at or you can mail in your giving to:
  Journey The Church P.O. Box 235 Somis, CA 93066. 

Community Groups as well as our Saturday (3/14) Men’s Ministry event will continue as planned and
  are a great opportunity to encourage one another to “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

To receive updates, download the Journey the Church Camarillo app in your app store
Journey The Church iPhone app or Journey The Church Google app) or follow us on social media:
  Instagram -
@journeythechurch or on Facebook at   


1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
   2. Stay home if you or your kids aren’t feeling well, except to get medical care.
   3. Cover your mouth and nose with your forearm when coughing and sneezing.
   4. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
   5. If no soap and water are available, use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

You can visit the CDC's website for actions and steps for stopping the spread of germs.

It is a choice for us as a church and community to “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”
We can do this even if we’re like Jairus whose world might be crumbling because Jesus took the lifeless little girl’s hand and said, “Talitha koum!” (which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”)—and get this, immediately the girl stood up and walked around. At this they were completely astonished.

May our community and our world come to be completely astonished by God’s goodness and our faithfulness, generosity and trust in the face of everything that comes our way.
For Jesus is more powerful than death. And he brings this girl back to life.
As Jairus’ daughter experienced death—so too, Jesus experienced death—but the story doesn’t end there…As Jairus’ daughter was raised from the dead—so too, Jesus was resurrected.
Resurrection is the victory over the power of death and the fear that it injects into human life.

So Church, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  


Journey The Church


How long will services be online only?

At this point, we are not sure. When we know when services will resume again, we will let you know via social media, our app, e-mail, and announcements in our online services.

Where can I watch a service online?

You can watch services on our website at or on our Facebook page.

Do you have any resources for my kids?

For those with children and junior high students, Journey’s Children’s Ministry Director Ashley Kiele
  has provided some helpful links of lesson videos
and tips on talking to your kids/youth about fear and 
  anxiety. See the "For Journey Kidz and Arise" section above. You can also access
the Journey Kidz Facebook page for updates.

How else can I help (besides washing my hands)?

Pray for our world. Pray for our community. Pray for courage. Pray for your anxieties as well as others to be minimized and for God's goodness to overwhelm this world in the midst of fear.